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Next Generation Air Transportation System (NGATS) Institute Management Council (IMC)

Announcement: Institute Management Council Seats Available

Purpose of this announcement: To solicit interest and participation by industry leaders and representatives to serve on the 16-member NGATS Institute Management Council (IMC).

NGATS Institute: The FAA has signed transaction agreements with the National Center for Advanced Technologies (NCAT), a 501(c)(3) organization, to form the NGATS Institute. The NGATS Institute will operate in coordination with the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO) to enable a collective enterprise between government and the private sector in order to coordinate goals and priorities, and to define, develop, and implement an NGATS capable of meeting the safety, security, capacity, efficiency, and productivity demands of 2025.

NGATS Institute Management Council: The Institute Management Council will oversee the policy, recommendations, and products of the NGATS Institute. The Institute Management Council will also be responsible for review of the Institute’s contract selection process to ensure that it remains fair and effective.

The members of the IMC will be selected to provide within the limited size of the Council a broad representation of the civil aviation community and a commitment to the transformation of the national air transportation system. The composition of Council members should reflect the senior-level leadership of the aviation community. Individual members of the Institute Management Council are expected to primarily promote the national interest.

The IMC will be co-chaired by the Presidents of the Air Traffic Control Association and the Air Transport Association. The remainder of the IMC seats will be filled through an application and selection process as defined in the NGATS Institute agreement.

Application for Institute Management Council Seats: Applications are being solicited for appointment to the IMC. The pre-defined allocation of seats for the IMC is as follows:

One seat each for:

  • Regional commercial airline operations;
  • Business aircraft operations;
  • Helicopter operations;
  • Small aircraft general aviation operations;
  • Commercial pilots;
  • Air traffic controllers;
  • Airport operators.

Two seats total for manufacturers of air vehicles (including piloted and unpiloted vehicles), and airborne/space-borne and ground based equipment.

Two seats total for federal advisory committees, universities, and nonprofit research organizations.

Two seats total for participants at large.

Institute Management Council Member Commitment and Expectations: All applicants for membership on the IMC should expect to meet the following commitments should they be selected to serve on the IMC:

Terms of office will vary. Half of the members of the IMC will be invited to serve a two-year term and half will serve one-year terms. There are no stated term limits. However, this initial term of office will allow for future elections to take place once a year for half of the IMC.

The IMC is expected to meet once a month for the first year of operation. The meetings will allow the IMC to discuss issues of importance on a regular basis.

By direction of the co-chairs, all persons selected to the IMC are expected to attend in person all meetings. At this time, the co-chairs will make no allowance for alternates substituting for IMC members during IMC monthly meetings. Persons unable to make this time commitment to the IMC should not consider applying.

Additional responsibilities and activities may require communication by mail, email, or conference call if necessary.

Formal Application: Please download the attached document to apply to serve on the IMC. It is a word processor (.rtf) file which you can complete electronically and attached to an e-mail. All applications must be received electronically at by April 8, 2005. No incomplete applications will be reviewed. No other additional documentation will be considered or reviewed. Questions concerning the IMC should be addressed to .

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