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Future Aviation, Aerospace or Science Journalist?

Get to work as we build the Next Generation Air Transportation System.

The Next Generation Air Transportation System is transforming the nation's air transportation system to meet future needs. Made up of five federal agencies (The Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, Departments of Commerce, Defense, Homeland Security, and Transportation) and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, this initiative will address critical safety and economic needs in civil aviation while fully integrating national defense and homeland security improvements into the future system.

Your mission? To observe, learn and write about this initiative as it moves forward. You'll be an embedded journalist in our team as key aviation experts and leaders make decisions that will affect our future air transportation system.

What will you get out of this?

  • Professional experience in your field.
  • Clips for your writing portfolio in a specialized area.
  • Interaction with leaders in government and the private sector.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Possibly, a future job.

We’re looking for interns who are:

  • Good writers who strive for clarity.
  • Curious types who are tenacious enough to tackle technical details.
  • Clever, tenacious future reporters who are and willing to ask questions.
  • Responsible individuals able to show up at the right time and place, and meet an occasional deadline.

Our office is in downtown Washington, DC and is close to the Metro.

If you would like to apply, please send your résumé and a short letter describing your interest in this internship to . Only Microsoft Word documents and PDFs will be accepted.

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