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Charles Keegan

Mr. Keegan is responsible for the development and delivery of the Next Generation Air Transportation System Plan for 2020 and beyond. This includes planning and coordination of the plan with six federal agencies. He began his career at the FAA as an air traffic controller in 1979 and has held increasingly responsible positions at FAA, including directing system requirements and managing quality assurance. Mr. Keegan was Director of the FAA's Free Flight Phase 1 program office and more recently served as Associate Administrator for Research and Acquisitions. Prior to joining the Joint Planning and Development Office he was the Air Traffic Organization's Vice President for En Route and Oceanic Operations. He holds a Bachelor's degree in air traffic control and business management from Daniel Webster College and is a licensed pilot.

Bob Pearce

Prior to becoming the JPDO Deputy Director, Bob Pearce was responsible for strategic planning and analysis and top-level requirements definition for NASA's Aerospace Technology Enterprise. As such, he led the Enterprise's strategic management efforts, ensuring the development and maintenance of long-term strategic goals, investment strategies, development of responsive programs, and evaluation of program progress against the strategic goals. Previously, he held various program management positions within the Enterprise, primarily focused on high-performance aircraft systems and experimental flight research. Before joining NASA, Bob was employed by Grumman Corporation as a design aerodynamics engineer, working on advanced military aircraft and concepts, including the X-29 forward swept wing demonstrator. In addition, Bob worked with the Department of Transportation to examine the technology, policy and economic issues associated with new technologies for short-haul intercity transportation. read more...

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