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Network Enabled Operations for Aviation Symposium

Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA)/
Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO) Co-Sponsored Symposium
Program in Development with FAA's Interagency
Strategic Alignment and Coordination (ISAC) Team

Thursday, September 9, 2004

Opening Session
JPDO Overview |download| 900KB .pdf
John Kern - New Ideas are Welcome |download| 128KB .pdf

Keynote Speeches
Jeff Shane - Under Secretary for Policy, U.S. DOT |download| 24KB.pdf
VAdm (Ret) Arthur Cebrowski - Fear of Flying into the Future |download| 1MB .pdf

Session 1: Why Transform
Dave Bushy - Why Transform |download| 692KB .pdf
James Williams - Building Today to Ensure Our Future |download| 120KB .pdf
Darryl Jenkins - Innovate, Consolidate or Liquidate |download| 216KB .pdf

Session 2: Transforming Air Transportation Through NEO
Tim Wallace - Challenges of Change |download| 292KB .pdf

Session 3: Technology Is Not a Barrier

Session 4: Transforming Air Transportation System Culture
Michael Wambsganss - Congestion Management and NEO Operations |download| 1.3MB .pdf
Thomas Chrzanowski - Challenges of Transforming the Air Transportation System for NEO |download| 196KB .pdf
Bob Coulson - Network |download| 24KB .pdf
Dr. John J. Fearnsides - Transforming the ATS Culture Towards NEO |download| 24KB .pdf
George Donohue - Transforming the ATS Culture Towards a Net Enabled Operation for Aviation |download| 544KB .pdf

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