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This section of the JPDO website contains information related to the JPDO's collaborative activities with aviation sectors of Government and Industry, and public sectors which are heavy users of the air transportation system.

The FAA reauthorization act ("Vision 100") requires the JPDO to conduct a broad-based planning activity involving six Federal agencies, as well as members of the aviation community and the public. Specifically, the JPDO is instructed to involve representatives of commercial aviation, general aviation, aviation labor groups, aviation R&D entities, aircraft and air traffic control suppliers, and the space industry.

To develop volume I of the National Plan, the JPDO engaged in a highly collaborative planning process. JPDO Deputy Director, Bob Pearce, directed the collaborative planning process, which involved the creation of Working Groups composed of experts from government and industry organizations. The working groups developed workshops designed to provide opportunities for broad stakeholder input to and review of material for the National Plan.

Government and Industry workshops run by JPDO

Futures Working Group Final Report

JPDO's Industry and Aviation Community contact list

AmTech's Center for Collaboration
is the nonprofit organization facilitating government-industry collaboration aspects of the JPDO planning process.

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