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FAA's 2nd Annual Aviation Safety Forum
Oct. 19 - Oct. 21

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
Washington D.C
Westfields Marriott Hotel
Washington D.C
Opening Reception Day 1

General Sessions Day 2 and 3

The global aviation safety record is the best it has ever been. This achievement has been dependent on the global aviation community's working together in partnership to make a safe air transportation system even safer. The Aviation Safety Forum (world-wide attendance) provided a continued opportunity for government regulators and global aviation leaders to have a focused and provocative exchange of ideas on global safety topics. It provided opportunities to build upon current partnerships and develop new ones.

ATA Co-Sponsors this year's Forum

The Federal Aviation Administration was pleased to have the Air Transport Association (ATA) join them again this year as the co-sponsor of the 2nd Annual FAA International Aviation Safety Forum. ATA was the first – and remains the only – trade organization of the principal airlines in the United States. It has played a major role in all the major government decisions regarding aviation since it’s founding in 1936.

JPDO Conference Highlights

Date:Thursday, October 20 - 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Vision for the Future of Air Traffic Management (ATM):
We have to accommodate increased demand as well as new operators like UAVs and VLJs. JPDO is the U.S. vision for the next generation of ATM technologies. What is the vision for the future in the rest of the world? How do we reach agreements on the safest and most efficient solutions?

Moderator: Paul Foley, President and Chief Executive Officer, MAIR Holdings, Inc

Panel Members:

    • Charles Keegan, Vice President, Operation Planning
      Services, Federal Aviation Administration
    • K. Ramalingam, Chairman, Airports Authority of India
    • Karen Lee, Director of Operations, United Parcel Service
    • Katsuyuki Nakatsubo, Director, Air Traffic Engineering
      Division, Japan Civil Aviation Authority

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