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Transformation, Barriers, Objectives, Strategies Workshop
Wednesday-Thursday April 14-15

creation date: April 2004

The Transformation, Barriers, Objectives, Strategies workshop - TBOS - will:

  1. Provide an overview of the JPDO effort to develop a national plan for transformation of the Air Transportation System (ATS).
  2. Present objectives and opportunities for transformation of the national air transportation system.
  3. Through interactive sessions, develop material that defines the barriers - and strategies for overcoming the barriers - to transforming the ATS.

The specific goals of the workshop are to assess a predefined set of transformation solutions relative to ATS "lines of business"

  • Identify details required to implement transformation solutions
  • Identify metrics for measuring success
  • Estimate degree of difficulty and cost
  • Estimate implementation timetable

Here are two presentation decks, an Introduction and a Workshop Details deck.

The TBOS1 Introduction deck overviews how the JPDO is engaging across government to create a national plan for transformation of the Air Transportation System (ATS). Highlights of this deck include:
Slide 9 - defines ATS (Air Transportation System) Slide 13 - provides a one page diagram of the national plan production process. The center box, titled "Focus Teams" represents where the TBOS1 and TBOS2 workshops fit in that process.

Click here to download the TBOS1 Introduction deck (11.5MB pdf)

The Workshop Details deck overviews the goals, process and structure for the TBOS1 workshop.
Slides 5 & 8 - overview the types of expertise we are seeking for participation in the workshop. We need people who come from the ATS lines of business described in slide 8 and who can address the four ATS categories described in slide 5.

Click here to download the TBOS1 Workshop Details deck (10.8MB pdf)

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