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From Concept to Action:
JPDO's Integrated Product Teams (IPTs)

The JPDO has defined eight strategies that are the first steps towards creating the roadmap for Next Generation Air Transportation System (NGATS). While the strategies deal with transforming specific areas of the air transportation system, they make up a larger whole and will integrate the sum of the efforts into building the NGATS system as a whole. The transformation strategies are:

  1. Develop Airport Infrastructure to Meet Future Demand
  2. Establish an Effective Security System without Limiting Mobility or Civil Liberties
  3. Establish an Agile Air Traffic System
  4. Establish User-specific Situational Awareness
  5. Establish a Comprehensive Proactive Safety Management Approach
  6. Environmental Protection that Allows Sustained Economic Growth
  7. Develop a System-wide Capability to Reduce Weather Impacts
  8. Harmonize Equipage and Operations Globally

For each of the eight Integrated National Plan strategies is an integrated product team (IPT). The IPTs will be made up of government and private sector experts with extensive aviation experience. The IPTs will be responsible for applying best private and public sector practices to achieve that particular strategy's mission and objectives.

The primary responsibility for assembling and leading each IPT belongs to one federal agency.

The IPTs will establish detailed action plans that will break the project down into manageable tasks. Specific IPT activities include:

  • Managing the planning and orchestrating the execution of all relevant work to complete the assigned strategy;
  • Conducting analyses and trade studies to select and validate implementation alternatives;
  • Analyzing changes currently underway, identifying gaps, and establishing the required Government and/or industry research and development activities to close necessary gaps;
  • Coordinating with Government and private industry on research and development resources;
  • Collaborating with industry on research and implementation for the initiative;
  • Identifying non-technical approaches such as policy, regulation, and operational procedures;
  • Establishing detailed requirements for individual mission areas;
  • Conducting advanced concept and technology demonstrations;
  • Creating a transition plan for implementation of products; and
  • Creating public/private partnerships that include multi-agency, industry, and Government participation.

The JPDO is responsible for approving broad strategies of the IPTs as part of the Integrated National Plan and ensuring IPT plans and schedules are consistent with the roadmap and architecture.

In addition, the Next Generation Air Transportation System Institute will support the NGATS mission by recruiting, selecting, and assigning private sector experts and technical resources to participate on IPTs and perform technical work for the IPTs and JPDO. These efforts will guarantee the establishment of a collective enterprise among key stakeholders to achieve the transformation, as well as to ensure that we fulfill our critical obligation to create a process that is transparent and fully open to public scrutiny.

If you want to dig into the technical details behind the next system's transformation, this is the place to be. The Tech Hangar is where JPDO posts pre-decisional papers, presentations, and other material in development.

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